What is the Kiva Fellows Program (KFP)?

The Kiva Fellows Program offers individuals a rare opportunity to travel abroad and witness firsthand the impact and realities of microfinance, by working directly with a host microfinance institution (MFI). The Kiva Fellow is an unpaid, volunteer based position designed to increase Kiva’s impact and to offer participants a unique insider experience. Past participants have found the fellowship to be a great first step in a career in microfinance or international development.

Core Responsibilities of a Kiva Fellow:

The Kiva Fellow is an integral part of the Kiva Team, acting as Kiva’s eyes and ears in the field and helping to extend limited resources to maximum effect. Kiva Fellows fulfill tasks set out in a Work Plan, defined by Kiva along with the host microfinance institution (MFI).

  1. Facilitate Connections between Kiva’s Borrowers and LendersYour journal entries, business postings and blog entries will help build the rich content that bridges our borrowers and lenders and makes Kiva’s model work!
    • Interview Kiva borrowers to assess loan impact, verify data, and gather information for journal updates
    • Develop innovative ways to facilitate connections via creative journaling, photographs, YouTube video and other means
    • Write a blog entry every two weeks on the Kiva Fellows Blog
    • Promote awareness of the host MFI and its programs to the Kiva lender community
    • Promote an understanding of the Kiva lending community to borrowers
  2. Assist Communications and Maximize the host MFI’s Partnership with KivaTasks may include some or all of the following:
    • Assist the host MFI to regularly collect and post borrower profiles for funding onto the Kiva website
    • Observe, learn and document the MFI’s operations and its use of the Kiva platform, including recommendations as appropriate
    • Transfer skills to MFI staff on Kiva processes, policies and best practices
    • Create working documents and templates for the MFI to use during and post-fellowship
    • Complete additional projects for the MFI as time allows and skills match needs
  3. Support Kiva’s Mission, Product and ProceduresAs a Kiva Fellow, your work will help support Kiva’s product, marketing and organizational development. Your consistent feedback is invaluable to Kiva’s growth.
    • Communicate regularly with Kiva
    • Understand and promote Kiva Policies
    • Provide updates and feedback through field reports and a final end-of-fellowship report within one month of returning
    • Create Entrepreneur Press Profiles as directed by Kiva
    • Complete other tasks for Kiva as neededLearn more here!

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